The word KUPPADAKATH denote those who “suppressed the Kuppini force”. Kuppadakath families can be found in Kunhimangalam Thekkumbad, Kadannappali, Vellur, and Ramanthali. The available history dates back to 300 years. The Kunhimangalam Kuppadakath Tharavad was founded by a brother, who left his house in Thekkumbad, near the present Ezhimala railway station, to protect and look after his motherless and pregnant sister, who had a tough time with their relatives. He managed to buy some land in Vadakkumbad (present tharvad location) with the help of some well wishers. The umbrella that he was carrying started to shake on its own after reaching this place. When the cause for this was probed, he came to know that “Veerancherry Bhagavathi” (Now called Veeranchira Bhagavathi) had escorted him and wished to stay as “Kuladevatha” in the house proposed to be constructed in the plot purchased. Over the years he worked hard for the family, managed to procure more land and established relationship with other prominent nair families. The Kunhimangalam thavazhi thus flourished and became one of the highly respected and wealthy families of the region. The properties of the family was partitioned about 150 years among three sisters, the huge house was partially demolished to construct two more houses, the Vadakke Veedu and Thekke Veedu. However the right and obligations over “Kuladevatha” remained with the members of all the three houses. The oldest male member of the three houses is considered as the “Karanavar”. Veeranchira (Veerancherry) Bhagavathi is the Kuladevatha of the tharavad. Veerancheri is derived from Veera Chamundi, the godess who was worshipped by the entire desom for many centuries. Besides Veeranchira Bhagavathi, the annual kaliyattam include Kakkara Bhagavathi, Sree Bhootham, Madayil Cahmundi and Vishnu Moorthi. The first three are performed by Vannan and the last two by Malayan communities. The annual Kaliyattam (Theyyam) is performed on 13th of Meda masam ( around 26th of April ) every year. The Kathirannur Veeran Devastanam at Kunhimangalam parambath was originally hosted and managed by the Vadakke Veedu Thavazhi. The Kalpoth Thavazhi had land holdings near pariyaram and “Karinchamundi theyyam “ is still being performed there every year on 30 th of April.


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